Installing Gnaural

Installing is very easy:


  1. Install Gnaural for Windows


  1. If you are running MacOSX 10.5 or higher, Install Gnaural for MacOSX. For early versions of MacOSX try Gnaural for Tiger 10.4


  1. The Gnaural download page provides a deb for the latest Ubuntu, both 32-bit Gnaural and 64-bit Gnaural
  2. For Ubuntu's official version: Gnaural for Ubuntu
  3. Here's Fedora's: Gnaural for Fedora
  4. Puppy Linux has a .pet installer for ver. 5.2 (meaning you can now run Gnaural from a LiveCD!)
  5. If Gnaural isn't pre-built for your distro, simply download the source and compile it using the instructions here
  6. If really in a bind, here's a very outdated but mostly static-linked precompiled executable: Gnaural
For all versions of Gnaural currently available, go here. For alpha pre-release versions (if available) go here. If you have problems installing, or just want a very quick, "no installation" peek at the idea of Gnaural, here is a very stripped-down version that will run in your browser: Gnaural Java Applet.

Installing Optional Presets ("Presets" are customized sound files that you can run in Gnaural)

Pick and choose from the Presets Archive

Extra Notes: